Anticipating management of data surveillance through government policies is not possible in present time. The privacy of individuals has been affected largely due to privacy invasion organizations, who have greatly accomplished their task of defeating privacy managers. Hence, it now becomes the duty of individuals themselves to be watchful on the web.

The first suggestion described in Net Smart is know-how. This means you should be conscious regarding the dangers and risks of being monitored on the web. It is not enough to be mindful and aware of being tracked, controlled, and convinced to accept the ideas of web. You must be attentive, cautious, and vigilant while still being connected to the digital world.

There are five basic tactics to bear in mind while going online:


World Wide Web is a world in itself, where we often get mislaid and loose track to our destination, but by iterating our minds to remain dedicated and focused, we can stick to our specific tasks while surfing the web. When your mind starts wandering and taking the attention in unrelated advertisements popping up to divert your attention, remind yourself of your priorities and goals.

Crap Detection:

Searching your desired topic, without biases and with complete relevance, is another important aspect to keep in mind. Everything is present on the web; now it’s your creativity and talent to filter the required results from the pool. Using key words while searching your desired topic, checking the 3rd, 4th, and 5th page, and looking not only at the the first page of your search results, is of prime importance. Additionally, it is also necessary to triangulate the breaking news via social media: trying to find out three sources to verify the news before passing along a rumor.


Tagging, sharing posts on social media is one way of participation on the web and has impacted our people. Think before you post, because your digital actions are traceable, reproducible, and available to people you do not know, and will remain available to all indefinitely. This may lead to hazardous situations at times, when you post every activity related to you on social media.


Digital media and networks are new means of economic production. People having similar interests collectively contribute in order to learn, gain reputation, meet others, and contribute to a common good. And because collective intelligence is far much stronger than individual IQ, collaboration makes impossible things possible.

Network Smart:

Networking with right people, right place, and right time are very essential element to grow. LinkedIn serves the best example in this case. Your networking skills help you get a job. Social media websites make it possible to maintain ongoing ties with people who are not in contact with you through graduation, moving, or changing jobs.

Though there are numerous risks we are facing every day in this huge world of web; we are being monitored and convinced to accept opinions as fact. Despite all these problems, we cannot isolate ourselves and by applying these five tactics in a meaning way, we can protect ourselves and others from being the victim of propagandas.

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