How to Internet – A Guide to the Modern Web

How to Internet is a collaboration of students and instructor in the online course, The Internet: Technology, Information, and Issues (CPSC 104), at the University of Mary Washington.


Mindfulness on the web, by Laila Shaikh

What the Internet Means for How We Think About the World, by Jordan Lawrence

The Importance of a Digital Identity, by Angele Wadje

The Digital Divide, by Tiffany Lower

Internet and society

The Sequel to 1984: Thoughts about Censorship, by Shivani Gupta

This just in, breaking fake news!, by Ryan Harris

Social Media, by Ryan Harris

An Expansion of Social Networks, by Angele Wadje

No, no, no, trust me... I'm collectively intelligent, by Ryan Harris

Technology and protocols

Cloud Computing, by Vee Pitayatonakarn

The Way of the Future... (APIs), by Ryan Harris

How Google Works, by Angele Wadje

Safety and citizenship

What Representation Means to Me, by Tiffany Lower

Internet Privacy, by Andrew Schmiedel

Security and Safety, by Vee Pitayatonakarn

"All your devices can be hacked." - No, really..., by Jordan Lawrence

To Cite or Not to Cite, by Jordan Lawrence